We continue to see a strong move towards enabling investors to be more discerning of where they put their money. Similarly to how health conscious foo...View Details

The disruption of Finance has come in waves. Incumbents have moved from confidently ignoring the attempts of fintechs to transform the industry, to fe...View Details

Prepare to have your mind blown away! This has been the most exciting and lively interview we have done to date. But we have to be honest here, this c...View Details

We have to admit it, when it comes to Iceland, we are slightly bias. The country offers some of the most spectacular scenery one could visit as well a...View Details

The digitalisation of financial services has excited us all. Even those outside the industry see the benefits of accessing more convenient ways of pay...View Details

Retail banking investors usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to investment, missing out on opportunities available to those who under...View Details

Payments is perhaps the area of finance where we’ve seen the most innovation and the most intense competition. In only a few short years we've gone fr...View Details

Digital transformation is a difficult undertaking for any organisation. Many incumbents fail in their attempts to change the mindset, behaviour, pract...View Details

At the risk of being simplistic, the credit process of decision, monitoring and collection has remained unchanged for hundreds if not thousands of yea...View Details

Insurance has traditionally been a paper heavy business loaded with regulatory burdens that have made insurers slow in the uptake of transformation. I...View Details

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